Creative professional possessing over 15 years of accessories, graphic, and illustrative design experience, 11 of which devoted to fashion based product design in lifestyle and sportswear. In-depth knowledge of sports team, league, and entertainment licenses and standards. Adept at coordinating design teams and direct reports on creative projects. Highly creative, motivated, and efficient at developing product that resonates with the consumer in varied account types.
• Apparel, and headwear design
• Embroidery design / Appliqué design / Metal and Synthetic Molds design
• Art & Creative Licensing Direction
• Project Management
• Product Development
• Apparel & Headwear Design
• Illustrative Communication
• Graphic Design Production
• Procedure Development
• Market Trend Research
• Identifying Relevant Entertainment Licensing Opportunities
• Product Placement
• Fluent in English/Spanish... learning Mandarin
• Illustration/ Cartooning/ Caricature
Its been quite a while since I've showcased the creative work I've done in any capacity.  This used to be something I did all the time.  I'm thankful for this site as it is really a way for me to get back to what I used to do, create fun stuff and show it to people.  Please check back regularly as I am updating whenever I can, from high profile consumer products and celebrity collaborations to just fun personal pieces.  Oh, and please don't be afraid to leave comments.  Critique is part of the game. ;)
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