Here, Warner Bros presented us with an opportunity to make unique product for the Batman Arkham City video game. With this, we knew we had to have some focus on the villains in the game, especially so in the Arkham City all over. Using art supplied to us I applied said images to the caps according to trend and techniques at the time, including all over sublimation, sublimated appliques, and bringing in 9Fifty snapbacks into the mix. The images provided required some Photoshop work to make them fit into the panel applications. It was great to have the headwear featured in the product catalog of the Game Insert upon launch. Fun Project!

The Batman Arkham City Cap Collection
The Batman Arkham City All Over
The front two panels of this 59FIFTY fitted line up to make on image.  Key Artwork by John Chalfant was supplied to us through Warner Bros.
The Batman Arkham City Sublimated Logo
Wool Cap with Sublimated Microfiber applique of Batman art surrounded by raised embroidery front graphic.
The Batman Arkham Joker Sublimated
Cotton Snapback with Sublimated Microfiber front panels of the Joker.  Image was altered in photoshop to remove Harley.

The Batman Arkham City Game Catalog product placement

Batman Arkham City Concepts (Used and Unused)
The top row is what was I designed for the collection whereas the bottom row was an excluive collection done up for Hot Topic.
THe Batman Arkham City Joker Splatter
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