Our first foray into creating exclusive premium caps for Marvel, I chose some characters that we could try some new fabrications and techniques with.
Professor X is using all metallic faux leather.
Beast used a longer faux fur to emulate the character and had an internal lining.
Colossus also had metallic faux leather that would become a staple in creating character caps but with an initial twist; we had the silver areas of the cap debossed to emulate the lines seen in his skin.
Professor Xavior / Beast (Dr. Hank McCoy) / Colossus
Professor Xavier Cap details:
The Professor Xavier cap was inspired by the hover chair Chuck always seemed to be riding around in and the plaid blanket usually draped over his legs.  To pay homage to these two character staples I chose an Open Market fauxe metallic leather for the crown and visor of the cap and a custom buffalo plaid I created for the undervisor.
THE BEAST CAP details:
The Beast cap was inspired by the Dr. Hank McCoy's unfortunate blue fur all over his body.  This was the first time we used this type of Faux Fur on the crown of the cap.  Note that although it's THE BEAST cap, the rear hit has Hank's signature for those fans who know the Beast's real name.  
The initial proto had hair that was WAY too long so I had to settle for this length.  The "classicness" of this cap was so popular that we recently relaunched it as part of the new X-MEN Days of Future Past collection.
One of my favorite elements of this cap are hidden messages I got to put into the satin lining of this cap that pay homage to the character.  See below for closer details of the pattern.
Hank's Notes!

Again, using open market faux metallic leather I tried to emulate Colossus' skin by have lines debossed into the fabric.
Why is there a picture of Talib Kweli and the Beastie Boys??  Because, for some reason TK is wearing the Xavier cap and thats awesome.
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