The project was actually completed before the Viza Sick where each character is represented as if it were stencil sprayed onto the cap with excess drips. The final cap was done as sublimation on microfiber. For the Rendered Images, I went back in and wanted them to look more like they were almost brushed on.

Vector Art created for selling tools
Vector Art created for selling tools
Ink Sick Rendered: Wolverine
Ink Sick Rendered: Captain America
Ink Sick Rendered: Spider-Man
Ink Sick Rendered: Iron Man
Ink Sick Rendered: Cobra Commander
My Favorite.  We spent a few days requesting artwork from Hasbro but the images they came back with, although awesome, were not what I was hoping for.  I finally just went through my childhood stash of G.I. JOE Comics to find a Dossier image of Cobra Commander in issue #108 that was drawn by Neal Adams.  I redrew it for the lineart and kept using it for a Cobra figure representation on product until there was a request to use a less agressive pose for all fairness he is pointing a gun.
Ink Sick Rendered: Superman
Ink Sick Rendered: Batman
Ink Sick Rendered: Green Lantern.
note: this was before we got access to Jim Lee Art to make the DC product more unified.
Ink Sick Rendered: Megatron
Ink Sick Rendered: Optimus Prime
Ink Sick Rendered: All Togetha Now!
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