Way back before we ever had any of the entertainment licenses, I still wanted to do some basic caps in Superhero color ways to pay homage to their uniforms/outfits. These were made to be more of a Flagship exclusive. Later these would prove to be the basis for the start of New Era getting into the Entertainment Licenses world.

SUPERMAN: Blue fronts, mids, and visor with Maroon rears (for cape).
Colors were darker to emulate the darker color palette of Superman in Superman Returns.
BATMAN: Black with Metallic Gold Embroidery
ROBIN: Color blocked Scarlet, Green, and Black cap with Yellow Piping
THE FLASH: Scarlet with Yellow embroidery
GREEN LANTERN: Green and Black cap with White Piping.
MARTIAN MANHUNTER: Green cap with Scarlet Taping.
AQUAMAN: Orange and Green cap with Black Taping and Visor.  
BLACK VULCAN: Navy and Yellow with Black Piping.
WONDER TWINS: Color blocked Sky Blue and Purple cap with Yellow piping.
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