This Holiday 2006 premium cap, the "Lazer Etched Dogear Dabu" was inspired by some of the more prevalent and trending footwear/ boots of the time. The crown, visor and dogear flaps are all nubuck but with a twist of having the MLB batter man logo laser etched into the fabric in a repeating pattern. The under visor was leather, metal eyelets, and the inner dogear flaps were lined with faux fur. It was one of the more premium caps that the company did at the time and one of if not the first time we did Laser Etching into fabric.

This was one of the first big sellers that I did for New Era.
The Lazer Etched Dogear Dabu with Ear Flaps down and Up.
Detail of the Lazer Etching on the Nubuck.
Cap Concept views over the repeating pattern.
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