The MARVEL x NBA BIg Action Word done in Chicago Bulls with Wolverine.
Atlanta Hawks x Marvel's Wolverine
Boston Celtics x Marvel's The Hulk
Chicago Bulls x Marvel's Wolverine
Dallas Mavericks x Captain America
Denver Nuggets x Marvel's Iron Man
Detroit Pistons x Marvel's Captain America
Los Angeles Clippers x Marvel's The Hulk
Los Angeles x Marvel's  Iron Man
Miami Heat x Marvel's The Human Torch
New Orleans Hornets x Marvel's Spider-Man
New York Knicks x Marvel's Spider-Man
Orlando Magic x Marvel's Thor
Oklahoma City Thunder x Marvel's Thor
Philadelphia 76ers x Marvel's Captain America
Portland Trailblazers x Marvel's The Human Torch
San Antonio Spurs x Marvel's Wolverine
Washington Wizards x Marvel's Captain America
Utah Jazz x Marvel's Wolverine
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