The 2010 Tron Legacy Cap Collection. Here I had the opportunity to create custom, exclusive, product for a property that I fell in love with; the neons, lights, costumes, world, and villains. When I started the project, I had only a little to go on so a lot of the initial inspiration came from just the Movie teaser at the time and snippets of the Daft Punk soundtrack. Although the movie didn't do as us geeks hoped, I was happy with the product launch, and innovation I was able to employ here including sublimation on glow embroidery, blue glow embroidery, premium character caps, and fabric tie ins. My only wish is that the last two caps, Clu and Rinzler could have also been launched...see below in DIBTS: Designer Insight Behind The Scenes.

Full Cap Offering
Two-Toned cap with basic, Non Glow embrodiery on front rear.  HD Screenprint graphic of the Light Cycle on front two panels.
Tron "BASIC"
Blue Glow in the dark embroidery (sure it glows green) on the front and rear.
New Technique, at the time, utilizing sublimated graphics over glow in the dark embroidery.  The Lightest parts of the sublimated image would still allow for the glow embrodiery to receive a charge, creating a cool, glow image effect in the dark...and at Daft Punk Concerts.
Sublimated Visor and glow in the dark embroidery on front, rear, and flag
Sublimation on microfiber on the crown, visor, and undervisor.  Flag is glow in the dark embroidery.  Each panel was a collage of the supplied character artwork and what I created for the collection.  Starting from the front panels, each one is supposed to help "tell the story" with Sam, Clu, the vehicles, Rinzler (Tron spoilers), and back to vehicles.
This one is actually the Flagship Store Exclusive, and update from the "SKETCH ALL OVER" in that I went back over the black and white sketch art and added pop color blue highlights.  These images are the sketches for the light cycles seen in the movie.
Sublimation on microfiber on crown, visor, undervisor, and button.  The Flag is blue glow in the dark embroidery.  It may just seem like a simple all over, but the front two panels and rear two panels have images that line up across the panel.
This is the first cap in the collection that starts to get into a higher price point.  Ballistic Nylon Crown and Visor.  Undervisor is white 3M reflective.  Flawless size Tron Logo done in white glow in the dark embroidery over patent leather leather applique.  Rear word mark is also glow in the dark embroidery.
Taking inspiration from the helmet and outfit Sam wears when he gets into "the Grid," this higher price point cap had
Faux Leather Crown and Visor, hexagon pattern screenprinted on the mids, patent leather appliwue for for front panel visor and rear disc.  Blue Glow in the Dark Embroidery...another first. Sublimated interior lining of Sam in all his various poses.
This was the Villain premium cap for the line.
Taking inspiration from outfit Clu wears, this higher price point cap hadFaux Leather Crown and Visor, hexagon pattern screenprinted on the mids, patent leather applique for for front panel visor and rear disc.  Yellow Glow in the Dark Embroidery...another first, albeit very light, and a hexagon patterned lining.....we didn't have Clu artwork yet.
This cap never made it into the line and only a few samples were made.
Tron Excluded Caps:
The above caps are a few of the caps that were created but never made it to proto or the line for either the program or select account exclusives.  Note: Rinzler (middle row) DID make it to proto, but it has since been lost.
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